Water Wise Landscape - A Closer Look 
What is so charming about the big and famous hotels and them boasting about their property? What is it that makes a seven star hotel have an aura of beauty in its property? Apart from their core services, it is the architectural lavishness that adds the glamour to their brand. The same applies to luxurious residential properties of the rich and the famous.Landscaping has always been a thing for the rich and glamorous but gone are the days when it was restricted to only hotels or big industries. The primal idea of landscaping was to add greenery and add ornamental structures to a property to enhance its value. However, nowadays even the residential builders are going in for it to lure home buyers. Apart from the aesthetic value to the property architectural landscape designs can add functionality to your property. Read the following to know how.You may want to check out click here for more.
Functional Landscape Architecture
Modern technologies are meant to be functional as well as add aesthetic value. Earlier landscaping was used only to beautify the place but now it is meant to do more than just that. For example, it addresses issues like soil erosion, drainage problems, moisture control, reducing water consumption, etc.
Site and Users
Let us consider residential landscape architecture. Residential properties are prone to abuse because of various activities, like moving vehicles, children playing, heavy water tankers or garbage vehicles, etc. When you take note of such factors you can build an appropriate design and plan the spaces accordingly. Builders often term these as amenities and build a lawn area for people to stroll and relax a gymnasium for fitness conscious people, etc.
Address Issues
Issues like erosion, steep grading and moisture saturation are common and to fight these it is important to implement good strategic planning and effective architectural landscape designs. For example, retaining the soil fertility in an era of concrete jungles is a taxing task as well as a social responsibility. It is essential to keep the soil fertile for gardening purposes or having a healthy, natural lawn. Flower beds can solve both the issues of retaining the fertility and beautifying the place by adding color and fragrance apart from visual appeal.
Choosing Plants
The trick and secret for building a functional and aesthetically appealing landscape architecture is choosing the right kind of plants. A lot of thinking goes into this important feature in landscaping. The plants are not just a beautification item but it adds privacy, plays a role in regulating the temperature of the surrounding, acts as a sound barrier, saves the soil from eroding, contributes in maintaining the water tables, and the list goes on.